Edgecumbe Primary School - Whakaaro Pai: Education with Care

If your child is absent from school for any reason, please phone the school office (07 3049633) and leave a message for the class teacher on the answer phone and write a note as soon as possible after the absence. Unexplained absences will be followed up to ensure the safety of our children.
School assemblies are held weekly on a Tuesday. Assemblies take place in our Multi Purpose Room. The school will let parents know if there is something special happening so that you can attend if you want.
BOOKS IN HOMES          
Our school is presently a ‘Books in Homes School’ sponsored by Main Freight International Limited. This provides families with a number of free books and visiting role models at assemblies throughout the year. Parents are welcome to attend these Duffy Books in Homes assemblies.
We encourage our teachers to let the children have a brain break at 10.20am - 10.30am. During this time the children are able to eat their (brain break food). Parents / Caregivers can help us by encouraging children to bring along brain food e.g. fruit, nuts, cheese, vegetables and water.
The Canteen is not operating at this stage but we will notify parents if this changes.


Students may bring cell phones and devices to school, but must hand them in to the school office in the morning and collect them at the end of the day. The school will not be responsible for this equipment should students fail to hand them in. 

We have a mobile clinic that visits and you will be advised when they are due.
We do not ask families to make school donations or fees. However students in Year 7/8 attend technology at Edgecumbe College and are required to pay a fee to cover material costs.
The school practices emergency procedures; in particular fire and earthquake drill regularly, so that in the unlikely event of a fire or earthquake the children and staff know what to do. We would encourage families to work out similar emergency procedures for the whole family when at home. Again emergency contact phone numbers are important to assist us at these times.


On enrolment the school needs to sight a birth certificate or other official documentation showing the name and age of the child plus gather a number of other details. These include:

- Ethnicity

- Iwi Affiliation

- Any previous pre-school education participation

- Immunisation history.
Visits to the school for the new entrants to become familiar with the school surroundings are arranged through the Principal and New Entrant Class Teachers and have conditions attached.  
When we enrol students directly from overseas we need to sight their passports or other documentation showing that they are legally allowed to be in New Zealand and are entitled to be enrolled at a school. Often there is a direct cost to be met by families who are short term visitors or who lack the necessary documentation.
HOMETHINK (Homework)     

Homethink is important; not just for its own sake but also as a means for parents and children to share with each other what is happening at school. Teachers will advise parents of what is expected at each level. Homethink should never become a cause for arguments in the home. It must be manageable, appropriate and interesting and related to class learning.  

It is always useful where school related activities are consolidated and enriched with the support and encouragement of parents.
School starts at 8.50am and finishes at 2.50pm. Children are welcome at school from 8.20am and are expected to have vacated or have been uplifted from the school grounds by 3.45pm. Staff begin arriving at school from 7.30am but they are at school to prepare for the school day, not to mind the children. Guaranteed safe supervision of students outside of these school hours is not possible. Lunch is from 12.20pm to 1.10 pm.


Children are not to leave the school grounds for any reason during the day unless parents request them to do so in writing or in person.
Please do not take children away from school during the school day unless the class teacher or the office has been informed.
Our computerised School Library is an important learning centre at Edgecumbe Primary. Your support as parents / caregivers is appreciated to ensure the care and return of loaned books. We are always pleased to receive assistance from regular Parental involvement in this area. Contact the school if you wish to assist.  
Please let the school know as soon as possible if you have any concerns. Do not let things fester. Keep the communication lines open. Make contact with teachers, senior staff or the Principal and hopefully we can work out any problems together.
The school welcomes parent help in a variety of ways. Firstly check with the class teacher on how you can best help. Needs of teachers vary from class to class and levels of the school.
Assistance may be given accordingly:
  • Help with the reading programme
  • Help with school trips, camps, sporting outings
  • Library assistance
  • Coaching of school sports teams
  • Working bees
As you can see there are many ways that you can help Edgecumbe Primary School be the best school ever. Read your newsletter every fortnight and you will be able to respond.
From time to time children get sick and our caring office staff may contact you if there is a problem. Please ensure your child is really well enough to return to school before sending them back. Please ensure your emergency contact number is up to date.

The school values information and communication technologies (ICT) including Facebook, Social Media, YouTube, Seesaw etc. as great platforms for learning. Quite often these platforms are used in day to day teaching and learning programmes under direct supervision from their teachers. However, the school is not responsible for students or members of the community inappropriate comments or dialogue including photos that are not part of teaching and learning programmes. 

Our school recognises that there are children who require special assistance to meet their educational and social needs. This includes children with special abilities. We have a Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and we are committed to providing assistance within the resources and time available to these students.
At the beginning of each year or when your child enrols, he/she will be given a stationery list. All items can be bought from the school.
During the summer months, all children and staff are encouraged to wear sunhats for outdoor activities, at intervals and lunchtimes. Summer months are defined as the period commencing Term 4 through to Easter or the end of Term 1 of the New Year.
Swimming is an important part of our Physical Education programme. We are fortunate to have our own pool as well as the use of the college pool. All children are expected to take part in the swimming programme.
Please send a note or call the school if for any reason your child is unable to go swimming on a particular day. It is a good idea to send togs and towels in a plastic or beach bag. Please name all gear.
Trips and Outdoor Education are an integral part of the school programme and we encourage all children to take part in any out of school activities. Some of these trips cost money. Please let us know if payment is a problem because we can often help out.
These include bi-annual trip to Vanuatu for Year 7/8 and a skiing trip to Ruapehu.
Our School is found in the acronym 'C.A.R.E'
These four - fit alongside our 'I Care' philosophy of -
  • Caring for yourself
  •  Caring for others
  •  Caring for property
  •  Caring for the environment

 We pride ourselves on being an I Care School 'Whakaaro pai ki te tangata'