Edgecumbe Primary School - Whakaaro Pai: Education with Care

Enrolment Of New Students

Enrolment of new students can happen Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8am and 3pm.

On enrolment the school needs to sight a birth certificate or other official documentation showing the name and age of the child, plus gather a number of other details.  These include: ethnicity, Iwi affiliation, any previous pre-school education participation, and immunisation history.  

Visits to the school for New Entrants to become familiar with the school surroundings are arranged through the Principal and New Entrant Class Teacher and have conditions attached.

When we enroll students directly from overseas we need to sight their passports or other documentation showing that they are legally allowed to be in New Zealand and are entitled to be enrolled at a school.  Often there is a direct cost to be met by families who are short term visitors, or who lack the necessary documentation.